Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Evaluation Q6 - What have you learnt about new technologies in the process of creating this product?

   Throughout the magazine making process, Photoshop has been the main application I have used. Photoshop is a software that allows you to alter a photograph digitally. I used it to design the front cover of my music magazine. At first I found Photoshop difficult to use as I had no previous knowledge of the programme, however through experimentation I eventually managed to create my front cover. Throughout the construction process, I received guidance from my peers which helped to improve my knowledge and subsequently the outcome of my final product. Photoshop allowed me to integrate text and pictures in a professional manner.  

When staring to create my article, I found that Photoshop wasn't suitable as I wanted to create a double page contents page. InDesign was more suitable for the layout of my contents page and article than Photoshop would be because of the dimensions. I used InDesign to make my contents page and my double page article. Like Photoshop, I had never used this programme before. InDesign was another technology that greatly aided the production of my music magazine. I found it to be compatible with other technologies of the sort, such as Photoshop. Similarly to Photoshop I had some difficulties figuring out certain elements at first, however through experimentation I once again overcame any problems. InDesign allowed me to integrate text and images in a professional manner.

PowerPoint allows one to create a slideshow of information. When used alongside SlideShare, these slideshows can be neatly presented on a blog, which is what I did throughout the project. Personally I found PowerPoint easy to use as I had previous experience with it, and I found it to be an effective way of portraying information simply and professionally.

Prezi is another application similar to powerpoint. It allows you to create slideshows to present your ideas, I used this application a few times during the process of making my magazine. Prezi is an application that allows you to create presentations that are more attractive.

I used slideshare when wanting to upload powerpoints to my blog. Slideshare makes it easier to convert the powerpoint to a one able to be shown on my blog.

 Blogger is a website where you are able to upload posts to your own blog, personalised to you. Having never used Blogger before, I found some elements slightly complicated to learn and remember at first, however I was eventually able to adapt things to exactly how I wanted them. I was able to do things such as change the theme and background of my blog, as well as adjusting the width of my page and deciding how posts should be organised. I could access Blogger from any computer necessary. Blogger enabled me to move from consuming work over the internet to producing work for a potential worldwide audience. I have became a "prosumer".

 Microsoft word was the application I was most familiar with as I use it on a day to day basis. Word is an application designed for writing documents so was perfect to write my article for the magazine.

Like powerpoint and prezi, emaze is a presentation website which allows you to create presentations for my blog. I used this application a few times and was easy to use. It was a new application to me but helped me present my ideas and research for my magazine professionally.

Soundcloud is an application I was familiar with before the magazine process. It allows you to record yourself and upload to the internet for anyone to listen to. It is an easy way of getting information across without having to write too much.

 Youtube like Soundcloud was a programme I was already very familiar with. Youtube is a website to upload and watch videos. You can upload original content for anyone all over the world.